Book Promo Feature–Witch’s Mark by Sarah Norkus

YAPC would like to welcome Sarah Norkus to the blog today. She is here to share some info and an excerpt of her book Witch’s Mark. If this looks like something you would like to read, please go get a copy!

Book Description:

Witch's MarkChristians Emily Grace and Megan have had enough. Their atheist nemesis, Samantha, has graduated from unrelenting verbal abuse to serious pranks. Sam and her boyfriend, Kyle, come within a foot of running down Em and her boyfriend, Josh, in the high school parking lot.

On a senior class trip to Danvers, Massachusetts, home of the Salem Witch Trials, Kyle sucker punches Josh. It is game on as Josh retaliates, pummeling Kyle into the ground. As Megan and Em watch in shock, vertigo hits Em with a vengeance, and she passes out.

Sent on a journey back through time, Em is shocked to discover Megan has gone back with her. But that shock is nothing compared to her stunned disbelief at finding Sam unconscious at few feet away.

In The Witch’s Mark, Em, Megan, and Sam discover they have travelled back to 1692 during the time of the Salem Witch Trials. Can the girls overcome their prejudices and work together to survive? Find out as one girl is accused of theft and two are accused as witches. Will all three make it back to their time?

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Dread squeezed Emily Grace’s heart in a vise as the word “witch” reverberated around the meeting house. Her worst nightmare had just materialized in the form of a teenage girl screeching and pulling at her puritan clothing as she accused Em of witchcraft. Em shook her head, her denial drowned out as more voices chanted “witch.” Her terrified gaze locked on Samantha, frozen in place next to the dais, one purple lock of hair accentuating her too pale face.

The sound of the mallet striking the table on the dais and the magistrate shouting for order, added to the chaos of the three teenage girl’s screams and the loud shouts of “witch” by the frenzied villagers. Em’s heart started to pound like a trip hammer and she nearly jumped out of her skin as a commanding voice shouted.


The room became as quiet as a tomb. A chill crawled up Em’s spine as the magistrate’s cold gaze fell on first her and then Sam. “It is our degree that these girls shall be removed to Ingersoll’s Ordinary and examined for the mark of the witch.”


About the Author: Author/Speaker, Sarah Norkus grew up in Lexington, KY and credits her father, Robert Sarah NorkusHackett, the former editor of the Horseman and Fair World Magazine and her cousin, Stephen Ambrose, author of Band of Brothers, for inspiring her to become a writer. She now resides in Virginia with her husband, Michael. Sarah is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. Other books in her Historical/Fantasy series are, The Secret Diary of Sarah Chamberlain and Stealing the Hieland Jewels.

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Book Promo Feature–Gun Princess Royale – Book 1 – Awakening the Princess by Albert Ruckholdt

YAPC would like to welcome Albert Ruckholdt to the blog today. He his here to share some info about this book Awakening the Princess the first book in the Gun Princess Royale series. If this looks like something you would enjoy reading, please go get a copy or two!

Book Description:

Gun Princess Royale - Book 1 - Awakening the PrincessA High School Sci-Fi Adventure with a bitter gender twist, and a day of Hell for one High School boy.

It is said there is no point crying over spilt milk, but for Ronin Kassius living on the terraformed world of Teloria, his decision to help out the Cosplay Club during his third year of middle school at Telos Academy in the city-state of Ar Telica is one he fervently regrets. Cross-playing as the popular animated heroine, Princess Silver Blue, garnered him a legion of ardent fans misled to believe he is a girl and not a boy because of his overtly feminine appearance.

But a year later and now in high school, Ronin’s daily life descends into a waking nightmare as his school reputation lies in tatters when his cross-playing is revealed on social media. To make matters worse, a near death experience while playing an apocalyptic virtual reality shooter at a gaming arcade, leaves him questioning his sanity and very existence.

With the help of three female classmates, a reluctant friend, and an enigmatic voice in his head that he nicknames Ghost, Ronin struggles to uncover the truth behind the events at the gaming center, and soon discovers that cross-playing is the least of his problems when learns that his life and body have become the possession of a powerful, enigmatic family that has chosen him to represent their interest by competing in the Gun Princess Royale championship, an all too realistic and overly popular VR tournament where female players with corporate sponsorship wield Gun Princess avatars in battle.

However the greatest shock comes in learning that he won’t be participating as an avatar’s operator, but as the prototype Gun Princess called Mirai, an existence that comes with her own unique set of problems, and that there is nothing virtual about the brutal and bloody competition he has been thrust into. To get his body and his life back, Ronin will need to fight and win against other girls, earn the title of Gun Queen, and face off in the ultimate battle royale to earn the supreme rank of Gun Empress.

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I will be honest with you…my outfit embarrasses me.

It is not unlike that worn by the other girls – the other Princesses – so in that respect I’m merely one of the pack.

Truthfully, some of their costumes – for lack of a better word – are far more risqué and revealing than my attire.

Yet it embarrasses me nonetheless while reminding me of what I have become, and of the body that has become my prison.

It is a form fitting, skin hugging, bodysuit that covers me from torso to painted toes. A pastel blue bustier supports my large very fulsome breasts, exposing their tops and promoting a dangerous amount of cleavage. A cropped dark blue jacket offers me a degree of modesty. The shoulders are puffy and dark blue like the jacket, and my forearms and hands are sheathed in black gauntlets with a swirling gold pattern. The torso is light-grey with patches of black and white. The legs are a glossy black with faint tiger stripes of purplish-blue along the shins and calves, and the boots I wear are reinforced, oversized, and allow me to put my foot through a wall without injuring myself.

In other words, I feel like an escapee from an action cartoon for teenage boys obsessed with overly buxom babes, or early twenty somethings that have never dated a girl in their lives and now fawn over two-dimensional females with oversized bosoms.

I am being polite in calling them bosoms.

There was a time a mere week ago when I would have called them by another less savory name, but now that I possess a large shapely pair, I can’t bring myself to refer to them impolitely.

Oh how the tables have turned.

The shoe – dare I say, the high heel – is most definitely on the other foot

So as I stand before the photographer doing my best not to sweat under the intense lights of the studio, clad in my revealing Princess Regalia for the sake of a promotional shoot that will put me on the pages of a magazine read by hundreds of thousands of girls, I smile outwardly and cringe inwardly, and try not to think of how I was tossed out of the frying pan and into the fire by an accursed entity that was simply bored and decided I would serve to entertain it.

Yes, I was toyed with by an accursed entity with a grudge and a chip on its shoulder….

You may ask why am I participating in a photoshoot? We’ll get to that much, much later. Suffice to say that the person I am now is not the person that I was a week ago.

You see last week I was a boy…and this week I’m a girl.

Did I ever dream, fantasize, or desire to be a girl? I attest to you with wholehearted honesty that I did not.

Did I ever consider what my life would be like had I been born female? Yes, I am compelled to grudgingly admit that is true and with good reason. Then again, I’m sure many a teenage boy has asked himself that question at one time or another.

However, I will reiterate for the sake of posterity that at no point in my life did I ever want to be a girl.

No, sir. Never.

That begs the question of do I wish to remain a girl. Honestly…I just don’t know.
So much has happened since that day that I have trouble keeping my finger on the pulse of reality, and there are times I look in the mirror and lose the ability to think coherently altogether.

Some of you may read this and tell me that the Fates were at least kind as in the eyes of mortal men I am quite attractive. However, being the girl that I am now comes with a unique set of complications, and my life is far from a bed of roses.


About the Author: Albert Ruckholdt is science-fiction/romance novelist focusing on works written for teenage and young adult readers.

A software engineer by trade, he graduated from university with an Honors Degree in Computer Science and immediately entered the world of financial systems. When not writing fiction, he is a senior programmer in a third-party accounting solutions company based in Sydney, Australia.

Raised on a healthy diet of stories by science-fiction greats such Zelazny, Asimov, Bradbury, Simak, Moorcock, and Donaldson, he made the decision to write for the young adult market after receiving surprisingly positive critiques from members of the teenage demographic for a couple of unpublished works.

His first novel, “Pride X Familiar”, was written with the intention of delivering a light-novel for young adult western readers. He later released “Pride X Familiar ReVamp” as an alternative telling of the story.

An avid fan of Japanese anime, manga and culture, he is also a student of the Japanese language at beginner level, and credits Seo Kouji’s manga “Suzuka”, and the works by Shoji Gatoh, as part of his inspiration to put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard.

The Gun Princess Royale series represents his first serious foray into the science-fiction, young-adult, gender-bender genres, and a step away from the Japanese light-novel prose, instead adopting the more traditional narrative style found in Western novels.

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