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YAPC would like to welcome Hugo Jackson to the blog today. He is here to share some info and an excerpt of his book Legacy. If this looks like a book you would enjoy reading, please go buy a copy! It’s 99 cents until the end of October!

Book Description:

LegacyHer power is unmeasured. Her abilities untested. Her destiny inescapable.

Faria Phiraco is a resonator, a manipulator of the elements via rare crystals. It is an extraordinary and secret power which she and her father, the Emperor of Xayall, guard with their lives.

The Dhraka, malicious red-scaled dragons, have discovered an ancient artefact; a mysterious relic from the mythical, aeons-lost city of Nazreal. With their plan already set in motion, they besiege Xayall, pummelling the city to find Faria and rip more of Nazreal’s secrets from her.

When her father goes missing, Faria has to rely on her own strength to brave the world that attacks her at every turn. Friends and guardians rally by her to help save her father and reveal the mysteries of the ruined city, while the dark legacy of an ancient cataclysm wraps its claws around her fate… and her past. She soon realises that this is not the beginning, nor anywhere near the end. A titanic war spanning thousands of years unfolds around her, one that could yet cost the lives of everyone on Eeres.

Legacy is character-driven epic fantasy action forged in an exciting and intricate plot that reaches deep into the Resonance world’s history.

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Restlessness had plagued her all evening. Unpleasant thoughts about her father, Nazreal and the Dhraka swirled through her mind. His staff, although resting across the room, buzzed with an energy that forbade her to relax. She looked at it accusingly, studied it for a minute or so, then pulled on her cloak and marched out to the gardens.
The stave held a beautiful blue-green hue in the moonlight. She turned it over in her hand and watched the light play through the crystal winding along the haft.
Standing in the same spot as earlier, Faria took a deep breath and readied herself, the staff pulsing in her hand. She held it aloft and, as she had that afternoon, tried to draw water out of the air to the staff’s tip. Instantly, far quicker than before, a light spiralled up the shaft’s crystal web and burst into the spearhead above her. A cloud of mist appeared and shrank back to the tip; milliseconds later an orb of water quivered over the end of the staff, still growing as more mist swirled into it. Able to ignore for now the creeping burn in her hands, she watched in awe as a power she never thought she could wield coursed through the weapon. The waves of tingling heat intensified, running through her veins in hot stabs.
She pointed the stave towards a tree, the ball of water becoming so big that it could hardly support its own weight, rippling and quaking. With another shift of her fingers and pulse of energy the ball froze instantly around the staff’s head. Suddenly it became too heavy for her and she dropped it forwards, hitting the grass with a dull thud. She couldn’t lift it up. Instead, she grabbed the haft with both hands and sent a small, sustained energy through it that heated the crystal and melted the ice around it, letting it slip free.
She observed the frozen ball with a mild sense of accomplishment, albeit veiled by new frustrations that she still lacked the control her father had. The pain in her hands wouldn’t subside– it felt as though someone was plucking her fur with red-hot tweezers. She dropped the staff and loosened her gloves, massaging her hands while holding them to the cool night air to try and calm the prickling burn. As she blew on her palms, she sensed something in the darkness behind her.
She jumped round. “Who’s there?”
A familiar shadow emerged from under the tree. “It’s me, Your Highness,” Bayer said, wearing his armour as comfortably as if he slept in it.
She turned away and gave a silent, impatient sigh, picking up her staff. She held her hands to the ball of ice to see if that was a more effective treatment for the resonance’s feedback. It wasn’t.
“Well, at least I know I can use it,” Faria said idly, tapping the staff against the ice.
Bayer was silent. Her frustration at his presence knotted in her stomach.
“Did you want something?” she asked, feeling impertinent.
Bayer bowed his head. “It’s my duty to protect you, Your Imperial Highness. I was concerned when I saw you heading outside.”
She folded her arms. For her to be wandering around by herself at night with no guard given her father’s worries was, admittedly, a little irresponsible. Although irritated by his common sense, she was grateful for his protection. “Yes, well… thank you. But I’m all right.”
“Are you sure? It’s not like you to be awake this late, Your Highness,” he said softly.
It wasn’t true – Faria often didn’t sleep at night. She would just read or talk with her father instead of wandering around outside by herself. She sighed. “I know. I’m just… I’ve never seen Father look so worried.”
“He has great concerns about Nazreal. All of Eeres is unsettled by it.”
“Yes, but…” She knew that. This time there was something different. It had scared her to the core. The deep, almost infinite apprehension in her father’s eyes…
She shook her head to try and rid herself of her doubts. Drawing a tired hand over her ears, she looked into the sky wistfully. “Xayall’s never the same without him. I hate having to make these decisions by myself. I’m worried I’ll do something wrong.” There had never been such a long stretch of time where he wasn’t present at the daily government meetings. He and the Councillors made the major decisions and she was always there to watch their recommendations, but, for the moment at least, she was now the higher authority they would report to. Holding the reins of an entire sovereign wasn’t a role she enjoyed. She likened it to driving a heavy Theriasaur down a gravelled slope.
Bayer looked up at the Tor. “Your Highness shouldn’t worry about the city. For the most part it governs itself.”
She didn’t listen. “And then the Dhrakans… I know they’re aggressive, but do you think Father’s right? Would they really try attacking us?”
There was a tense pause. The night’s heavy air pressed in around them.
“You will be protected, Your Highness.”
She looked uneasily to the grass. “I see…”


About the Author:Hugo lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. He was born in Chichester, UK, and lived there until theHugo Jackson age of 26, moving to the USA to live with his wife.

Along with writing, Hugo has a passion for stage acting, voice acting, stage combat, and anime. He has performed in several professional theatre productions, as well as a few documentaries, and was an extra in The Young Victoria. Intermittently he has led stage combat workshops for the Chichester Festival Youth Theatre, Chichester College and The Point Youth Theatre in Eastleigh.

He constructs his own anime, fandom, and Steampunk costumes and regularly attends any conventions he can.

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