Book Promo Feature–Girls Gone Great by J. Drew Brumbaugh

YAPC would like to welcome back J. Drew Brumbaugh to the blog today. He is here to share some info and an excerpt of his book Girls Gone Great. If this looks like something you would like to read, please go pick up a copy! It is only 99 cents for a limited time!

Book Description:

Girls Gone Great

Girls Gone Great” is a collection of magical tales written specifically for girls ages two to ten years. These fable-like stories were inspired by real girls, girls taking a magical journey of self-discovery where doing the right thing turns into something great. When you believe in yourself and have confidence to face obstacles, then any girl has the ability to “go great” and surprise herself just like the heroines in these tales.

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The Escape Artist
The tiny, peanut-sized girl headed for the back door that led outside. No one noticed and no one stopped her. Silently, secretively, she escaped into the forest. Not that she escaped on purpose. She just moved naturally with stealth and grace that somehow defied detection. She didn’t reason why she was doing it, she just did. She was curious and never thought about any danger. She was too young for that. Before she knew it, she was a long way from home in the woods with night coming.
Back home it was some time before her mother realized Escape Artist wasn’t in the house. A frantic search began but Escape Artist was nowhere to be found. Her sisters looked for her in the garage, in the basement play room, in the bedrooms. No Escape Artist. Her father was the first one to notice that the door leading outside was open.
“She’s gone to the woods,” he said, pointing out the back door.
“My baby is lost in the woods,” lamented Mother. “What will happen to her? It’s almost dark.”
“We have to find her,” said Father as he led the family search party out the back and into the growing gloom that filled the woods with shadows.
The darkness engulfed them and it wasn’t long before the entire family had wandered far from home. They quickly realized that they were hopelessly lost and the more they walked, the worse it became. Eventually, they all plopped down on a fallen log to rest and figure out what to do next. They had no idea which direction was home and the forest was now ominously dark and foreboding. Strange noises surrounded them: screeches, yips and yowls. The sisters shivered with fright.
Meanwhile, several low rolling hills away, Escape Artist wandered happily along an animal trail, content as the sun sank out of sight. She was glad that the birds were going to sleep and the night animals were coming out. She watched a family of raccoons plod down the path ahead of her. Curious, she followed along, thinking they might lead to other exciting adventures. Off to the left, an owl hooted, calling to its young. A fox scurried across the trail ahead of Escape Artist, stopped for a moment and looked at her. Then it scampered off into the underbrush.
Suddenly the forest became totally still. At that moment, Escape Artist realized that the raccoons were gone and now on the path in front of her stood a beautiful white horse with a single horn growing from the front of its head. The unicorn tossed its head, the horn glowing brightly and casting a golden light on the darkened trees and bushes. It pawed the ground, bobbing its head up and down while its silky mane, illuminated with hundreds of twinkling stars, lit up the path, the ground, the sky all around Escape Artist. In a gentle, sweet voice it asked, “Where are you going, Little One?”


About the Author: J Drew Brumbaugh lives in northeast Ohio where he spends his time writing sci-fi, fantasy J Drew Brumbaughand suspense novels, teaching and training at the karate dojo he founded and building a Japanese garden in his backyard.

He has three novels in print, a collection of short stories, and has co-authored children’s book. He continues to work on his next book and seems to always have several stories in various stages of completion.

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