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YAPC would like to welcome Elle Klass to the blog today. She is here to share some info and an excerpt of Premonition the first book in the Zombie Girl series. If you think this is something you would like to read please go get a copy! Premonition and the sequel Infection are priced at 99 cents each for the summer. Infection is available for preorder!

Book Description:


Maddie’s parents flip when they find out she’s failing science. That’s her worst problem until she wakes up and finds they’re zombies. Now she must escape them and her house. With nowhere else to go, and the keys to her parents’ sailboat, she makes her getaway. Finding Bryce was a fortunate circumstance and the two take on zombies and set sail for parts unknown.

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The sun peeked over the horizon. I wiped away my fear, grabbed my mom’s heavy gym bag as a weapon and stepped out of the vehicle, leaving the cat inside, both sets of keys clutched in my fist. I stepped closer to the object and took a deep breath as I peered around the side of the crate. A shovel was thrust against my chin.
“Holy crap. I’m alive, don’t hurt me,” I screamed. “And you’re alive!”
“Shh. You won’t be for long. Your screaming will alert them.” The young man lowered the shovel and grabbed my hand, pulling me down behind the crate.
I didn’t recognize him, but he looked older; maybe a junior or senior. His long, chestnut hair stuffed into a quick-minute ponytail. His green eyes softened as he whispered: “By the looks of your wardrobe,” his eyes scanned my lacy nighty, “you’re escaping zombies too.”
Normally, I might have been embarrassed, but today I was glad to be alive. “Look, if we can get to my dad’s boat we can get out of here.” Straight and to the point – that was me. I didn’t have time for small talk when walking dead people could be lurking. I also didn’t think it wise to waste time on small talk and hugging. That’s when stupid movie people always got killed.
He peeked over the crate. “Where’s your dad’s boat?”
“Here somewhere.” I shrugged.
“That’s a lot of help. Maybe you didn’t notice, but this is a marina and there’s at least fifty boats.”
I sighed.
“Do have anything to fight with?” he asked, his lips in a straight line.
“No, I’ve been using the car to plow over them.”
He looked around and picked up a piece of metal. “It’s not much, but you’ll have to make it work.”
What the heck? His eyes grew grim and I heard the distinct shuffling of zombies. Oh crap!


About the Author: Elle Klass is the author of mystery, suspense, and contemporary fiction. Her works include As Elle KlassSnow Falls, Eye of the Storm Eilida’s Tragedy, and the Baby Girl series. Her work Eye of the Storm Eilida’s Tragedy is a Reader’s Favorite Fiction-Paranormal Finalist in the 2015 Reader’s Favorite Awards. Baby Girl Box Set received Official Honors in Young Adult through New Apple Indie Ebook Awards. She is a night-owl where her imagination feeds off shadows, and creaks in the attic. Visit her website at

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