Book Promo Feature–Saving Spade by Dennis Ogden

YAPC would like to welcome Dennis Ogden to the blog today. He is here to share an excerpt and some info about his book Saving Spade. If this looks like something you would enjoy reading, please go pick up a copy!

Content Warnings: Some adult themes, paranormal, and violence 

Book Description:

Saving Spade WWI has ended but the battle to save a horse has just begun.

Aboriginal Trooper Lewis Dunbar of the Australian 2nd Light Horse Brigade should be elated. The war said to end all wars is finally over and he is being sent home after two years of battle in the Arabian deserts…but he’s not!

“The horses are staying!” came the order.

He cannot abandon Spade, the horse he reared, drove cattle on and faced death in many battles with. He will desert the army and ride off into the Sinai desert to find a new life together.

But his plan goes astray when A’isha, a mute Bedouin girl, steals Spade. With Lewis chasing on foot, so begins the perilous journey of two nomads from different continents into the unforgiving heat and sparseness of the desert and the battles against those who threaten them along the way.

The winds of the Sinai not only whip up Djinn spirits, good and evil, but awaken those that live inside the three.

A gripping tale that builds to a confrontation of all the hidden forces.

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Chapter 2


A thick mist of fear and isolation is smothering me. Why am I being held captive by men in uniform? Some with hats that have a strange plume flowing from it. The odour they emit is hard to stomach. They mouth words I do not understand. Hands that have touched me are, I’m sure, the same hands that inflicted my injuries. I’m a Bedouin girl and by the laws of the desert not to be harmed…even in battle.
This tent I am in is small, hot and ill-erected. There is no camel hair woven carpet to cover the ground. No scattered colourful cushions. In fact, there is no colour at all. The canvas walls are grey, as is the uncomfortable bed I lie on. Am I to die here and never to see my family again? Never to marry and have my own family? My own tent?
The injury to my head throbs with the sound of a thousand racing camels. A crude bandage has replaced my head covering. My arm rests in a cloth tied around my neck. I can move my fingers without too much pain, so no bone is broken. My legs are undamaged so I can run. That, I must.

Born at the birth of the century, A’isha bin Saeed al Suhail is a slender, olive-skinned Bedouin girl. Her piercing dark brown eyes are windows to her dogged free will and inner strength. She has no memory of how she became captive. She is aware of the war and that her clan sided with neither the Turks nor the Westerners. They prayed only that the war would end, all those fighting would leave. Life would then carry on as it has since time began. Her peaceful tribe of Bedouin goat herders had only one aim in life—to seek pastures wherever and whenever to feed their flock. Now, with no other Bedouin in sight, she frets for her family.

About the Author: Australian later-in-life author Dennis Ogden now lives on the Queensland Sunshine Coast, Dennis OgdenAustralia. Over the years his writing has evolved into a way of life.
– Original screenplay The forgotten Spirit 1972
– Articles for various design magazine
– Travel writing
– Short stories
– SECRETSINCITY a novel by pen name Deray Ogden 2012
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