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YAPC would like to welcome Cassidy Robinson to the blog today. She is going to share an excerpt and some info about her book Between. If this looks like something you would like to read, please go get a copy!

Book Decription:

BetweenAfter 3 failed attempts to find the right high school, 17 year old Katherine Steelback and her parents decide on Halman Preparatory Academy. Halman is Fulton, Ohio’s most elite private school, but to Katherine it’s just an over-sized dollhouse filled with life sized Barbie and Ken dolls. The semester gets off to a rocky start as soon as Katherine meets school founder, Roger Halman’s step-children – Wade and Jade Halman. Jade is the most admired and feared girl in the school and Wade is her more laid back, super handsome brother. When Wade and Katherine become fast friends, Katherine finds herself facing negative attention from classmates vying for Wade’s attention while also dealing with Jades’ attempts to sabotage the friendship. As Jade and Katherine butt heads, they both learn a few things about themselves and each other.

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After searching for another ten minutes, I walked out onto the balcony tired from walking around the whole house. I looked down at the scenery below for a while and decided to stay where I was hoping he’d find me. I was alone. I rested my hand on my cheek. The breeze blew on my face loosening my curls. I searched the sky in hopes of finding a shooting star. I just needed one wish to come true. I let out a heavy sigh.
“There you are,” a voice from behind said. I turned around and Wade leaned on the side of the doorway. “So you got invited after all.”
I nodded. He walked over towards me and leaned against the rail. “Your friend told me you’d be up here.”
I looked around and we were still alone. “Well, here I am!” I said.
“Are you having fun?”
“I guess. I haven’t done much yet. I haven’t been here that long.”
We looked up at the sky. “I like this view,” I said.
“Me too,” he commented. My heart just kept pounding.
“This house is so big. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a party like this. It’s insane.”
He held his gaze on me for a minute. “Then you should come to my house. It’s huge. I could host a party for everyone in town to attend.”
I laughed. “So you’re bragging now?”
“Only if it impresses you.”
The conversation suddenly went into a new direction. I saw where he was going. I turned facing him. “It is.”
We both stared into each other’s eyes, cutting off all our surroundings.
“I know what you said, Kat.” He moved closer. My heart rate increased again.
“You do?” He shook his head slowly, tucking in his lips. I couldn’t find my breath anymore. His hand fell on top of mine gently wrapping his fingers around it. Our smiles disappeared and my eyes grew bigger. I had seconds to prepare myself for the next move.
“I’m glad you said it, too.”
I tried to speak, but I only stumbled over my words. “W-What about you?” He knew what I meant.
“You already know I do.”
And in what seemed like half a second, our lips were connected to each other’s; gently pressing together, creating the memory that meant “A night to remember.”


About the Author: From a young age, Cassidy was exposed to many aspects of cultural arts. Writing at an early Cassidy Robinsonage, Cassidy discovered her passion for creating imaginative stories; from short children’s stories to full- length novels, it was an outlet meant to be apart of her life. After completing her first novel, she set out to become apart of the publishing industry and couldn’t be more excited to be a new author.

Cassidy is currently attending school in Boston for music composition with an intended minor in English. After graduation, her passion for writing music and stories will continue, and the ultimate goal is to see a story on the big screen.

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