Book Promo Feature–The Whizbang Machine, Tunney’s Curse by Danielle A. Mann

YAPC would like to welcome Danielle A. Mann to the blog today. She is here to share an excerpt and some info about the second book of the Whizbang Series, Tunney’s Curse. If this looks like something you would like to read, please go get a copy!

Book Description:

Tunney's Curse“Tunney’s Curse” finds Elizabeth Yale clinging to life. Her plan to save the Whizbang machine has backfired. As her grandfather, Jack, feverishly works to save her, the Whizbang factory begins to topple down around them. Narrowly escaping, the pair realizes the Whizbang machine is missing. Jack and Elizabeth must follow the clues Elizabeth’s deceased father, Jesse, left behind to unravel the secrets of Tunney’s Curse and stop it once and for all. This must be done before Elizabeth’s mother’s 40th birthday—which is mere days away. As they dig, they are sent on a wild chase into the dark underbelly of the Netherlands, into the city’s canals looking for a sunken ship, and through the private chambers of a Queen. Each new secret exposed only deepens the mystery of Jack and Elizabeth’s family’s past. The ultimate questions remain: will they gather the clues and stop the curse in time? Or will someone fall to the curse once and for all?

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A single wisp of smoke traced up my nose and clung to the back of my throat. My lips parted, breaking the Whizbang machine’s electric kiss of death. My heart drummed out the rapid beat of fear, reminding me I had changed history. I had beaten Tunney’s vloek. I could feel it. I was alive, trembling, and soaked in perspiration.
Still, somewhere in the back of my mind, I wished I hadn’t listened to my father’s pleas and had welcomed death with open arms. It would have been simpler in the long run. I held still and waited for a sign, for someone, a sound, a clue as to where I was, anything. None came.
“Hello?” I whispered. “Mom? Grandpa Jack? Hello?” My eyes peeled opened, blinking away the haze of a dusty fog, and then gently shut. “Where am I?”
The stench of hot char hit my face, bringing with it a raw dirtiness that sent my body recoiling. Wrenching my shoulders forward, I violently wiggled against the heaviness covering my chest. The tops of my fingers trailed across the thick roughness, weaving in and out of the gaps, trying to identify what was holding me down. My lungs seized, panicking. I was trapped.
“Grandpa Jack?” I screamed.
An explosion cracked in the air. Steel moaned above my head as if my words had awoken it. The weakened floors above me began to bow and pancake into one another. Wood popped and crackled as flames flickered and turned everything it touched into white ash. The last few days and hours hit me all at once. Debris showered down, striking with a deafening thud.
“Dear God,” I said, trembling. “Jack!”
A slight scoff left my lips. I was wrong. The vloek wasn’t done with me yet. The machine’s rantings echoed in my head as the factory shook with all its might.
Family secrets are the darkest and most deadly of curses. Deadly. History is not right. Correct it. Correct it, Elizabeth Royal.


About the Author: Danielle A. Vann started her career as a television news writer at the tender age of 18. With aDanielle A. Mann passion for writing Vann committed to learning every aspect of the newsroom as she worked her way up to reporter and anchor within two short years. After graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma she took an anchor position in Louisiana. Her career as a reporter and anchor earned her an Associate Press Award. Her book genres span a wide-range from children’s books with two highly reviewed series, award-winning YA fiction, and five star non-fiction title. The first book in her YA series, “The Whizbang Machine”, was a finalist in the 2016 Readers’ Favorite International Writing Awards (Nov. 2016). It placed 2nd in the North Texas Book Festival writing contest (April 2017), earned a Literary Classics Seal of Approval (December 2016), placed runner-up in the San Francisco Book Festival (May 2017), and won the Silver medal in the International Literary Classics writing contest, and won the Amsterdam Book Festival for Young Adult. Book 2, “Tunney’s Curse” has won GOLD in the International Literary Classics writing contest, Runner-Up in the New York Book Festival, and has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval ahead of its release date of August 1st.

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