The Bird Queen’s Book by T.L. Frances

The Bird Queen's NookWhat would you do if you found a mysterious book written in a secret language?

Thirteen-year-old Denny’s life is far from easy. He’s at the bottom of the food chain at school, he works a mind-numbingly boring student job at his uncle’s shredding store, and, on top it all, he has to try out for the school basketball team—and let’s just say basketball’s not his strong point.

But one day, he finds an ancient book in an indecipherable language. Could it be a secret code? Or maybe even… magic?

As Denny starts spinning a fantasy tale around the book, the real world begins to fade from view. It won’t be long before his problems catch up with him, crashing down one by one…

Thrilling, moving, and funny, The Bird Queen’s Book is an inspiring story of friendship, loss, and a boy trying to find his place in the world.

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The Year Santa Stubbed His Toe by William H. Hayes

The Year Santa Stubbed His ToeThe Man in Red really exists.

If you are one of the people in the world that say Santa is just a myth, you are simply and completely wrong. Many tales have been told about the Man in Red. Some true—some as true as two-headed unicorns with wings living in the city of Atlantis … this tale is true.

A year not so long ago, Santa was ready to take his yearly pilgrimage on the night before Christmas when disaster struck—he stubbed his toe, twice. The toe ballooned to nearly triple its normal size. He could not make his yearly run by himself; he needed help. So on that fateful night, he enlisted four of his best elves, along with his reindeer, to help him make his deliveries around the world: Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, South America, and North America.

Although the reindeer made this trip with Santa every year, his elves had not been away from the Pole in many years, if ever; they had no idea what they would encounter on this journey. However, the deer and the elves knew what was at stake. It was well known at the Pole that Santa needed to make all deliveries to the world on Christmas Eve or he would lose the gift of being Santa—the rules were very clear.

So … with a magically altered 24 hours, four elves and four bucks set out on a journey fraught with mishaps, misplaced presents, and some misbehavior in an attempt to save the Man in Red.

**On sale until Dec 15! 99c until 12/11 and $1.99 until 12/15.**

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Book Promo Feature–The Girl on Rusk Street by Penny Carlile

YAPC would like to welcome Penny Carlile to the blog. She is here to share some info about her book The Girl on Rusk Street. If this is a book you would like to read, please go get a copy!

Book Description:

Girl on Rusk StreetWhen Lucille Harris, a beautiful young widow, moves into the vacant house on Rusk Street in Marshall, Texas, the lives of ten-year-old Bobbi Rogers and her two best friends are turned upside down.

Neighbors begin to gossip when Lucille accepts a teaching position at all-black Bishop College and married neighbor Jim Tressell starts helping her with her garden.

Bobbi takes piano lessons from Lucille, and they become friends. She also likes Jim because he’s nice to Lucille. When Lucille is murdered, all eyes turn to Jim who has no alibi. Only two people believe he’s innocent–his brilliant but inexperienced lawyer Rufus Cornelius and Bobbi.

Set against the backdrop of the 1960 presidential election and the early days of the civil rights movement, The Girl on Rusk Street is a look back at what is sometimes called a “simpler time”–and it serves as a reminder that simpler times were often anything but simple.

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A large tan car that looked like a tank pulled up behind the moving truck.
Katie, Law and I looked at each other. Must be the new neighbors. We sat down on the curb to watch.
The car door swung open, and a tall woman with long red hair stepped out. She was wearing a white sundress, brown sunglasses and red high heels. Her red lipstick matched the red and yellow scarf she had tied around her hair.
“Who’s that?” Law asked.
“She’s really pretty,” said Katie.
“She looks like a movie star,” I told them.
The two men opened their doors and climbed out of the moving truck. The lady with red hair said something to them and pointed at the house where the Fowlers used to live.
“She must be the new neighbor,” I said.
“How can you tell?” Law asked.
“She’s tellin’ them where to put stuff. See.”
The lady was talking to the movers. They had unlatched the back door of their truck and were starting to unload a wooden table and chairs. I could see lamps, rugs, a mattress and a big piano inside the truck plus stacks of cardboard boxes.
“I don’t see any toys.”
“Me either,” said Katie, disappointed.
“Let’s go talk to her.” I started across the road.
“We might bother her,” said Law.
“I bet we won’t.”
Katie walked beside me. Law followed a few steps behind.
The tall lady saw us and turned around.
“Hey,” I said and gave a little wave from below my waist.
“Hello,” she said with a big smile. “Do you children live around here?”
“In that house with the pink shutters,” I said and pointed toward my house.
Katie said, “I live in that big white house.”
Law was acting shy, but he finally spoke up, “Across the street. Right there.”
“Oh, I love magnolia trees! Is that your house with those beautiful trees?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“What nice manners you have, young man,” she said as she smiled at Law. “My name is Lucille Harris, but your mothers will probably want you to call me Miss Lucille even though I’m only twenty-five.”
“I’m Bobbi,” I said and gave her another little wave. “She’s Katie, and he’s Law. Are you movin’ in the Fowlers’ house?”
“If that’s who lived here before me, I am,” she laughed. “These nice men have been waiting for me to let them in.” She waved to them, and the men smiled back at her. “I guess I better open the door.”
She seemed to glide up the front walk to the door. I had never seen anyone in person like Miss Lucille Harris. She was beautiful. Her skin was very white, and her wavy hair was the color of a fire engine. She took the scarf off of her head. I could tell that the men moving furniture from the truck to her house thought that she was pretty, too. They were staring at her. We followed her to the porch.
“You have any kids?” Katie finally worked up the nerve to ask.
“Oh, honey, I don’t,” she said. “It’s just me. I had a husband, but….”
She stopped in the middle of the sentence like she had forgotten something. Then she said, “My husband died. I came here to teach at the college. I better get to work helping these nice gentlemen. See you around,” she said and waved to us over her shoulder.
“No kids,” Katie said.
“I think maybe she’s a movie star. We never met a movie star before,” I told them. “Let’s go to the fort and watch.”
By late afternoon the movers closed the doors of their truck, climbed back in the cab and drove away. From our fort we could see Lucille Harris through her kitchen window. The window was open, and she was humming as she unpacked a box of dishes.
“Bobbi! Supper!” called Mama.
“See ya tomorrow,” I said to Katie. Law had already left. He was bored watching our new neighbor, so he had gone home to feed Alvin.
“I’m comin’, too,” said Katie as she fell in step with me. “That’s a really big piano for such a little house.”
“I’m gonna ask Mama to bake Miss Lucille a pie. She likes to bake pies for people.”

About the Author: Penny Carlile was born in Marshall, Texas, and grew up, not coincidentally, on Rusk Street. She Penny Carlileand her husband now divide their time between Marshall and Naples, Florida.

Carlile earned her bachelor of arts in English and speech from Baylor University in 1973. She taught junior high school before she co-founded a direct sales company with her husband. Her first book, Points from Penny, was a collection of inspirational messages for the company’s salespeople.

The Girl on Rusk Street is fiction, but many of the events in the book are straight out of Carlile’s own childhood.

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Book Promo Feature–Star Surfer by Lizz Lund

YAPC would like to welcome Lizz Lund to the blog today. She is here to share some info about her book Star Surfer. If this looks like a book you would enjoy, please go pick up a copy! 

Book Description:

Star SurferDaydreaming is dangerous.

Especially if you’re Thaddeus McPhee—his fantasies not only doom him to summer school (complete with repeat bullies) they also land him in hostile territory: think alien wars. Seriously.

As for high school: he’s got a weird family birthmark on his forehead that’s hard to hide, he’s flunking out, and everyone else has a special talent except him—unless snoozing in class counts. Especially his friend Nick: he’s an ace student and super focused on being a famous chef. This comparison—which his parents constantly remind him about—only highlight Tad’s under-achiever skills.

That is, until Tad discovers his own secret powers…

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Touch of Ice

YAPC would like to welcome Aleah Raynes to the blog today. She is here to share some info about her book Touch of Ice. If this looks like something you would like to read, please go pick up a copy!

Book Description:

Tough of IcePrincesses are supposed to be loved and pampered, not thrown into a slave camp.

Ice fairy princess, Ayla Vaskell, is stripped of her elemental powers, her wings are bound, and she and her sisters are searching for a way out of slave camp their uncle placed them in after killing their father and mother. When all hope seems to be loss, Dain and his three friends show up with promises of escaping.

Ayla and her sisters are leery at first. No one could be trusted. Yet, Dain and his friends proof their worth and gain their trust. Not once, but twice. But, escaping the camp puts them all on a quest none of them are fully ready for.

Ayla and Dain are given dragon’s blood incased a frozen tear. The tear is essential to the Oighear Kingdom’s ecosystem and must be returned. However, the tear is melting and without her ice magic, Ayla fears she will fail her first mission.

Only together can they overcome the obstacles standing in their way to complete each quest and reclaim the Vaskell Empire.

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About the Author: Aleah Raynes is the new adult & young adult pen name for USA Today bestselling author Lia Aleah RaynesDavis. I thrilled to be venturing into the YA worlds. As Aleah I’ll write tamer stories of paranormal, fantasy, and contemporary geared toward ages 13 and up. Please note that my new adult stories will have age restrictions of 16+ due the age and maturity of the characters.

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Book Promo Feature–The Mysterious Box from Dark Ridge by Nathan Rhodes

YAPC would like to welcome Nathan Rhodes to the blog today. He is here to share some information about his book The Mysterious Box from Dark Ridge. If this looks like something you would enjoy reading, please go pick up a copy! This book will be on sale Sept 8-15

Book Description:

The Mysterious Box from Dark RidgeJoe is an eighteen-year-old who works hard as a coal miner. He lives alone and rises early with the sun to enjoy the beauty around him. He lives a simple life, until one day there’s a terrible disaster in the mine. He survives the chaos but, finds a box buried inside the broken walls of Dark Ridge Mine #1. Joe takes this box home, opens it…and wakes up three days later. This costs him his job and as he soon discovers the box has strange powers and so much more. This discovery leads him to elicit the help of his crazy Uncle Ulus, who is not so crazy after all, and it leads him to the lovely Cassandra. She’s not just pretty and kind, but there’s something “magical” about her, too. Throw in some intergalactic bad guys with superpowers, an underground shelter, and the metamorphosis that’s happening with Joe every time he places his hands or eyes on that mysterious box, and buckle up for the ride of the twenty-first century..

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I got ready to meet Cassandra. It was six and I need to get to the boutique. I thought of my dear friend and stepped through the curtain. I arrived there right behind Casandra as she walked into a crowd of people.
The crowd had gathered around a TV located in the front of the boutique. I watched as she walked up as close as possible to the TV.
What’s going on? I got closer. Then I overheard a newsman on the TV say, ‘More breaking news has just came into the newsroom. Let’s go to reporter Andre Wilks who is reporting live from the scene. Andre, can you hear me?’
“Yes, thank you John. We have just learned that NORAD has dispatched yet another squadron of fighter jets to the mountains over Eastern Kentucky. These planes are being dispatched for a twofold mission. The first leg of their mission is to help in the defense of the small mountain Town of Coal Mountain. The second leg is to help capture or bring down the foreign aircraft that are terrorizing this mountain town. This is investigative reporter Andre Wilks CMNN
Action ten news.”
I couldn’t believe what I saw on the TV. Two F-16 fighter jets were chasing three funny looking spaceships in the skies above Coal Mountain. The newsman on the television had the boutique buzzing with excitement.

As I walked up, I looked at Cassandra and said, “Hi. I’ve been looking forward to our date tonight.”
Cassandra didn’t greet me with a loving look, or a soft kiss to my cheek. She acted and appeared to be distance as she said, “Hi, how was your day?”
Then the reporter broke in again. “This is John Wallace Action Ten News. Our investigative reporter Andre Wilks has a live interview with one of the pilots that have been chasing the weird looking spacecraft over
Coal Mountain. Let’s see if we have that feed now.”
“Thank you John, I’m standing here with one of the brave pilots, Captain Travis Ward who has spent the last few hours chasing these strange looking aircraft in the skies above Coal Mountain.”
“Captain, would you care to tell our viewers what kind of aircraft these are? Are they Russian, Chinese, or North Korean?”
Captain Ward stared into the camera. “In my twenty-plus years of flying I’ve never encountered an aircraft comparable to those things up there. They toyed with us several times. At one point, I had my F-16 at Mach two when the aircraft I was chasing streaked off out of sight. I looked around in the skies everywhere for it and suddenly it appeared again right behind me. How it did that I don’t know. His actions showed me that he had no intentions of engaging our planes in combat or getting in a dog fight, but the maneuver also made it obvious that our planes
were no match for what he had.”
“Captain Ward, are you saying that our enemies have faster and better planes than we do?”
“No!” the captain answered. “I’ve never seen technology like what those aircraft were using on this planet anywhere.”
“Is the U.S. Airforce going to be able to bring this situation under control before a deadly accident happens in the skies above Coal Mountain?”
“Listen, we have to be smart about this. If they have the technology to build aircraft like that, what type of weaponry are they carrying? If we don’t go about this correctly this could escalate rapidly into a very serious situation.”
“There you have it and you heard it first on this station. This is investigative reporter Andre Wilks CMNN action ten news reporting live from Coal Mountain. Now back to the studio.”
“Thank you, Andre. Stay tuned. As developments warrant we’ll break in and bring you more details. For now this is John Wallace CMNN Action Ten News.”
“I wonder if Uncle Ulus was watching that. Those were some crazy looking aircraft. They were so fast. It looked to me like they’re from
another world. I’d about bet on it.”
“I’d love to hear and learn more about them,” Cassandra said as she walked away from the TV.
“If I know Uncle Ulus, if he heard that report he’s asking his friends in the military a whole lot of questions.”
I looked at Cassandra and asked, “Are you ready? There’s a restaurant I know that you would really enjoy that I’d love to show you.”
“Really,” she asked.
“Can we take your little Miata? I’d love to drive it with the top back up through the mountains in case those neat looking aircraft come flying overhead once again.”
“Sure, we can take my car. Where are you taking me tonight?”
“Well, the place I had in mind is my favorite pizza place in the whole world. They make the best pizza pie. It’s located on top of one of the highest mountain peaks in Coal Mountain.”
“What’s the name of this restaurant?”
“It’s called, the Hitching Post. It’s been in business at that location as an Inn or restaurant for over 200 years. Back in the day, everyone in the mountains rode horses. Customers would tie their horses up to the hitching post out in front of the restaurant before they went inside to eat. That hitching post has become its trademark down to this day. So the name Hitching Post has stuck to the restaurant for over two hundred years.”
Cassandra didn’t seem quite herself today. She was quiet, hardly saying a word on our ride up to the Hitching Post. We arrived and went inside. I asked the hostess if she would seat us over by the big windows so we could oversee the scenic beauty of the valley. We got seated and the waitress came to our table and took our order.
“Bring us the house special, please. A pizza with everything on it but no green peppers.”
I enjoyed being with Cassandra and this setting made it even better. “What’s on your mind? Don’t you like it up here?”
She took my hand and looked deep into my eyes and with a sincere voice said, “It’s beautiful up here. I also loved the ride up the mountain. It was beauti—”
Cassandra’s words were interrupted as the entire room shook from the sounds of an F-16 fighter jet that roared overhead close to the roof of the restaurant. It was chasing one of those aircrafts once again.
The waitress walked up with our food and asked, “Wow! Did you see that? That was so cool! What kind of aircraft can travel that fast?” She
smiled and walked away.
I started eating my pizza. I looked over and noticed that Cassandra was just sitting there, picking at her pizza. Her mind was a thousand
miles away. “Is the food bad? Do you feel OK?” I asked.
She looked up at me with those green eyes, took my hand again and said, “I want to be completely honest with you, Joe. I care for you, but I don’t want our friendship based on lies and false stories. Please don’t be upset at me but I haven’t been completely open with you. There’s a lot about me that you should know.”
“What? Have you found someone else that you’d rather be spending time with?”
“Joe, you are the only true friend I have. There’s no one else but…before I say anything else, could we find a private place to talk?”
“I don’t feel comfortable sharing my feelings with you out in the open in this restaurant in front of total strangers. We need to speak openly and honestly with each other about everything. I want you to be completely honest with me and I will do likewise.”


From the Author: I was born on January 29th. In my early teens I wrote my first manuscript about a Space Odyssey. Nathan RhodesEveryone who read it loved it but, the manuscript was lost. I don’t know what happened to it. Many years have passed by since then but, that experience has inspired me to start writing again. I published my first book in 2015,”Murder Seen through the Eyes of a Child.” Now I can say how much I’ve really enjoyed writing my latest release, “The Mysterious Box from Dark Ridge.”

Those early writing seeds that were sown long ago have definitely spouted up once again. I hope everyone who reads one of my books really enjoys them. l wish I could hear from every reader, that would be great!

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Book Promo Feature–The Whizbang Machine, Tunney’s Curse by Danielle A. Mann

YAPC would like to welcome Danielle A. Mann to the blog today. She is here to share an excerpt and some info about the second book of the Whizbang Series, Tunney’s Curse. If this looks like something you would like to read, please go get a copy!

Book Description:

Tunney's Curse“Tunney’s Curse” finds Elizabeth Yale clinging to life. Her plan to save the Whizbang machine has backfired. As her grandfather, Jack, feverishly works to save her, the Whizbang factory begins to topple down around them. Narrowly escaping, the pair realizes the Whizbang machine is missing. Jack and Elizabeth must follow the clues Elizabeth’s deceased father, Jesse, left behind to unravel the secrets of Tunney’s Curse and stop it once and for all. This must be done before Elizabeth’s mother’s 40th birthday—which is mere days away. As they dig, they are sent on a wild chase into the dark underbelly of the Netherlands, into the city’s canals looking for a sunken ship, and through the private chambers of a Queen. Each new secret exposed only deepens the mystery of Jack and Elizabeth’s family’s past. The ultimate questions remain: will they gather the clues and stop the curse in time? Or will someone fall to the curse once and for all?

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A single wisp of smoke traced up my nose and clung to the back of my throat. My lips parted, breaking the Whizbang machine’s electric kiss of death. My heart drummed out the rapid beat of fear, reminding me I had changed history. I had beaten Tunney’s vloek. I could feel it. I was alive, trembling, and soaked in perspiration.
Still, somewhere in the back of my mind, I wished I hadn’t listened to my father’s pleas and had welcomed death with open arms. It would have been simpler in the long run. I held still and waited for a sign, for someone, a sound, a clue as to where I was, anything. None came.
“Hello?” I whispered. “Mom? Grandpa Jack? Hello?” My eyes peeled opened, blinking away the haze of a dusty fog, and then gently shut. “Where am I?”
The stench of hot char hit my face, bringing with it a raw dirtiness that sent my body recoiling. Wrenching my shoulders forward, I violently wiggled against the heaviness covering my chest. The tops of my fingers trailed across the thick roughness, weaving in and out of the gaps, trying to identify what was holding me down. My lungs seized, panicking. I was trapped.
“Grandpa Jack?” I screamed.
An explosion cracked in the air. Steel moaned above my head as if my words had awoken it. The weakened floors above me began to bow and pancake into one another. Wood popped and crackled as flames flickered and turned everything it touched into white ash. The last few days and hours hit me all at once. Debris showered down, striking with a deafening thud.
“Dear God,” I said, trembling. “Jack!”
A slight scoff left my lips. I was wrong. The vloek wasn’t done with me yet. The machine’s rantings echoed in my head as the factory shook with all its might.
Family secrets are the darkest and most deadly of curses. Deadly. History is not right. Correct it. Correct it, Elizabeth Royal.


About the Author: Danielle A. Vann started her career as a television news writer at the tender age of 18. With aDanielle A. Mann passion for writing Vann committed to learning every aspect of the newsroom as she worked her way up to reporter and anchor within two short years. After graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma she took an anchor position in Louisiana. Her career as a reporter and anchor earned her an Associate Press Award. Her book genres span a wide-range from children’s books with two highly reviewed series, award-winning YA fiction, and five star non-fiction title. The first book in her YA series, “The Whizbang Machine”, was a finalist in the 2016 Readers’ Favorite International Writing Awards (Nov. 2016). It placed 2nd in the North Texas Book Festival writing contest (April 2017), earned a Literary Classics Seal of Approval (December 2016), placed runner-up in the San Francisco Book Festival (May 2017), and won the Silver medal in the International Literary Classics writing contest, and won the Amsterdam Book Festival for Young Adult. Book 2, “Tunney’s Curse” has won GOLD in the International Literary Classics writing contest, Runner-Up in the New York Book Festival, and has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval ahead of its release date of August 1st.

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Book Promo Feature–Between by Cassidy Robinson

YAPC would like to welcome Cassidy Robinson to the blog today. She is going to share an excerpt and some info about her book Between. If this looks like something you would like to read, please go get a copy!

Book Decription:

BetweenAfter 3 failed attempts to find the right high school, 17 year old Katherine Steelback and her parents decide on Halman Preparatory Academy. Halman is Fulton, Ohio’s most elite private school, but to Katherine it’s just an over-sized dollhouse filled with life sized Barbie and Ken dolls. The semester gets off to a rocky start as soon as Katherine meets school founder, Roger Halman’s step-children – Wade and Jade Halman. Jade is the most admired and feared girl in the school and Wade is her more laid back, super handsome brother. When Wade and Katherine become fast friends, Katherine finds herself facing negative attention from classmates vying for Wade’s attention while also dealing with Jades’ attempts to sabotage the friendship. As Jade and Katherine butt heads, they both learn a few things about themselves and each other.

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After searching for another ten minutes, I walked out onto the balcony tired from walking around the whole house. I looked down at the scenery below for a while and decided to stay where I was hoping he’d find me. I was alone. I rested my hand on my cheek. The breeze blew on my face loosening my curls. I searched the sky in hopes of finding a shooting star. I just needed one wish to come true. I let out a heavy sigh.
“There you are,” a voice from behind said. I turned around and Wade leaned on the side of the doorway. “So you got invited after all.”
I nodded. He walked over towards me and leaned against the rail. “Your friend told me you’d be up here.”
I looked around and we were still alone. “Well, here I am!” I said.
“Are you having fun?”
“I guess. I haven’t done much yet. I haven’t been here that long.”
We looked up at the sky. “I like this view,” I said.
“Me too,” he commented. My heart just kept pounding.
“This house is so big. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a party like this. It’s insane.”
He held his gaze on me for a minute. “Then you should come to my house. It’s huge. I could host a party for everyone in town to attend.”
I laughed. “So you’re bragging now?”
“Only if it impresses you.”
The conversation suddenly went into a new direction. I saw where he was going. I turned facing him. “It is.”
We both stared into each other’s eyes, cutting off all our surroundings.
“I know what you said, Kat.” He moved closer. My heart rate increased again.
“You do?” He shook his head slowly, tucking in his lips. I couldn’t find my breath anymore. His hand fell on top of mine gently wrapping his fingers around it. Our smiles disappeared and my eyes grew bigger. I had seconds to prepare myself for the next move.
“I’m glad you said it, too.”
I tried to speak, but I only stumbled over my words. “W-What about you?” He knew what I meant.
“You already know I do.”
And in what seemed like half a second, our lips were connected to each other’s; gently pressing together, creating the memory that meant “A night to remember.”


About the Author: From a young age, Cassidy was exposed to many aspects of cultural arts. Writing at an early Cassidy Robinsonage, Cassidy discovered her passion for creating imaginative stories; from short children’s stories to full- length novels, it was an outlet meant to be apart of her life. After completing her first novel, she set out to become apart of the publishing industry and couldn’t be more excited to be a new author.

Cassidy is currently attending school in Boston for music composition with an intended minor in English. After graduation, her passion for writing music and stories will continue, and the ultimate goal is to see a story on the big screen.

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Book Promo Feature–Witch’s Mark by Sarah Norkus

YAPC would like to welcome Sarah Norkus to the blog today. She is here to share some info and an excerpt of her book Witch’s Mark. If this looks like something you would like to read, please go get a copy!

Book Description:

Witch's MarkChristians Emily Grace and Megan have had enough. Their atheist nemesis, Samantha, has graduated from unrelenting verbal abuse to serious pranks. Sam and her boyfriend, Kyle, come within a foot of running down Em and her boyfriend, Josh, in the high school parking lot.

On a senior class trip to Danvers, Massachusetts, home of the Salem Witch Trials, Kyle sucker punches Josh. It is game on as Josh retaliates, pummeling Kyle into the ground. As Megan and Em watch in shock, vertigo hits Em with a vengeance, and she passes out.

Sent on a journey back through time, Em is shocked to discover Megan has gone back with her. But that shock is nothing compared to her stunned disbelief at finding Sam unconscious at few feet away.

In The Witch’s Mark, Em, Megan, and Sam discover they have travelled back to 1692 during the time of the Salem Witch Trials. Can the girls overcome their prejudices and work together to survive? Find out as one girl is accused of theft and two are accused as witches. Will all three make it back to their time?

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Dread squeezed Emily Grace’s heart in a vise as the word “witch” reverberated around the meeting house. Her worst nightmare had just materialized in the form of a teenage girl screeching and pulling at her puritan clothing as she accused Em of witchcraft. Em shook her head, her denial drowned out as more voices chanted “witch.” Her terrified gaze locked on Samantha, frozen in place next to the dais, one purple lock of hair accentuating her too pale face.

The sound of the mallet striking the table on the dais and the magistrate shouting for order, added to the chaos of the three teenage girl’s screams and the loud shouts of “witch” by the frenzied villagers. Em’s heart started to pound like a trip hammer and she nearly jumped out of her skin as a commanding voice shouted.


The room became as quiet as a tomb. A chill crawled up Em’s spine as the magistrate’s cold gaze fell on first her and then Sam. “It is our degree that these girls shall be removed to Ingersoll’s Ordinary and examined for the mark of the witch.”


About the Author: Author/Speaker, Sarah Norkus grew up in Lexington, KY and credits her father, Robert Sarah NorkusHackett, the former editor of the Horseman and Fair World Magazine and her cousin, Stephen Ambrose, author of Band of Brothers, for inspiring her to become a writer. She now resides in Virginia with her husband, Michael. Sarah is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. Other books in her Historical/Fantasy series are, The Secret Diary of Sarah Chamberlain and Stealing the Hieland Jewels.

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Book Promo Feature–Gun Princess Royale – Book 1 – Awakening the Princess by Albert Ruckholdt

YAPC would like to welcome Albert Ruckholdt to the blog today. He his here to share some info about this book Awakening the Princess the first book in the Gun Princess Royale series. If this looks like something you would enjoy reading, please go get a copy or two!

Book Description:

Gun Princess Royale - Book 1 - Awakening the PrincessA High School Sci-Fi Adventure with a bitter gender twist, and a day of Hell for one High School boy.

It is said there is no point crying over spilt milk, but for Ronin Kassius living on the terraformed world of Teloria, his decision to help out the Cosplay Club during his third year of middle school at Telos Academy in the city-state of Ar Telica is one he fervently regrets. Cross-playing as the popular animated heroine, Princess Silver Blue, garnered him a legion of ardent fans misled to believe he is a girl and not a boy because of his overtly feminine appearance.

But a year later and now in high school, Ronin’s daily life descends into a waking nightmare as his school reputation lies in tatters when his cross-playing is revealed on social media. To make matters worse, a near death experience while playing an apocalyptic virtual reality shooter at a gaming arcade, leaves him questioning his sanity and very existence.

With the help of three female classmates, a reluctant friend, and an enigmatic voice in his head that he nicknames Ghost, Ronin struggles to uncover the truth behind the events at the gaming center, and soon discovers that cross-playing is the least of his problems when learns that his life and body have become the possession of a powerful, enigmatic family that has chosen him to represent their interest by competing in the Gun Princess Royale championship, an all too realistic and overly popular VR tournament where female players with corporate sponsorship wield Gun Princess avatars in battle.

However the greatest shock comes in learning that he won’t be participating as an avatar’s operator, but as the prototype Gun Princess called Mirai, an existence that comes with her own unique set of problems, and that there is nothing virtual about the brutal and bloody competition he has been thrust into. To get his body and his life back, Ronin will need to fight and win against other girls, earn the title of Gun Queen, and face off in the ultimate battle royale to earn the supreme rank of Gun Empress.

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I will be honest with you…my outfit embarrasses me.

It is not unlike that worn by the other girls – the other Princesses – so in that respect I’m merely one of the pack.

Truthfully, some of their costumes – for lack of a better word – are far more risqué and revealing than my attire.

Yet it embarrasses me nonetheless while reminding me of what I have become, and of the body that has become my prison.

It is a form fitting, skin hugging, bodysuit that covers me from torso to painted toes. A pastel blue bustier supports my large very fulsome breasts, exposing their tops and promoting a dangerous amount of cleavage. A cropped dark blue jacket offers me a degree of modesty. The shoulders are puffy and dark blue like the jacket, and my forearms and hands are sheathed in black gauntlets with a swirling gold pattern. The torso is light-grey with patches of black and white. The legs are a glossy black with faint tiger stripes of purplish-blue along the shins and calves, and the boots I wear are reinforced, oversized, and allow me to put my foot through a wall without injuring myself.

In other words, I feel like an escapee from an action cartoon for teenage boys obsessed with overly buxom babes, or early twenty somethings that have never dated a girl in their lives and now fawn over two-dimensional females with oversized bosoms.

I am being polite in calling them bosoms.

There was a time a mere week ago when I would have called them by another less savory name, but now that I possess a large shapely pair, I can’t bring myself to refer to them impolitely.

Oh how the tables have turned.

The shoe – dare I say, the high heel – is most definitely on the other foot

So as I stand before the photographer doing my best not to sweat under the intense lights of the studio, clad in my revealing Princess Regalia for the sake of a promotional shoot that will put me on the pages of a magazine read by hundreds of thousands of girls, I smile outwardly and cringe inwardly, and try not to think of how I was tossed out of the frying pan and into the fire by an accursed entity that was simply bored and decided I would serve to entertain it.

Yes, I was toyed with by an accursed entity with a grudge and a chip on its shoulder….

You may ask why am I participating in a photoshoot? We’ll get to that much, much later. Suffice to say that the person I am now is not the person that I was a week ago.

You see last week I was a boy…and this week I’m a girl.

Did I ever dream, fantasize, or desire to be a girl? I attest to you with wholehearted honesty that I did not.

Did I ever consider what my life would be like had I been born female? Yes, I am compelled to grudgingly admit that is true and with good reason. Then again, I’m sure many a teenage boy has asked himself that question at one time or another.

However, I will reiterate for the sake of posterity that at no point in my life did I ever want to be a girl.

No, sir. Never.

That begs the question of do I wish to remain a girl. Honestly…I just don’t know.
So much has happened since that day that I have trouble keeping my finger on the pulse of reality, and there are times I look in the mirror and lose the ability to think coherently altogether.

Some of you may read this and tell me that the Fates were at least kind as in the eyes of mortal men I am quite attractive. However, being the girl that I am now comes with a unique set of complications, and my life is far from a bed of roses.


About the Author: Albert Ruckholdt is science-fiction/romance novelist focusing on works written for teenage and young adult readers.

A software engineer by trade, he graduated from university with an Honors Degree in Computer Science and immediately entered the world of financial systems. When not writing fiction, he is a senior programmer in a third-party accounting solutions company based in Sydney, Australia.

Raised on a healthy diet of stories by science-fiction greats such Zelazny, Asimov, Bradbury, Simak, Moorcock, and Donaldson, he made the decision to write for the young adult market after receiving surprisingly positive critiques from members of the teenage demographic for a couple of unpublished works.

His first novel, “Pride X Familiar”, was written with the intention of delivering a light-novel for young adult western readers. He later released “Pride X Familiar ReVamp” as an alternative telling of the story.

An avid fan of Japanese anime, manga and culture, he is also a student of the Japanese language at beginner level, and credits Seo Kouji’s manga “Suzuka”, and the works by Shoji Gatoh, as part of his inspiration to put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard.

The Gun Princess Royale series represents his first serious foray into the science-fiction, young-adult, gender-bender genres, and a step away from the Japanese light-novel prose, instead adopting the more traditional narrative style found in Western novels.

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