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You’re awesome at what you do: writing and everyday author promotion. You even pubbed your book (go you). What about that advertising plan, though? Is that next on your list of to do’s? We realize how overwhelming choosing the right platform to advertise your book can be. So sit back, relax—take that walk you’ve been planning on—you’ve just found your ad lead.

Enter Young Adult Promo Central (YAPC): built to expose you. We are also tailored for YA books.

Don’t let our name fool you. We also promote children’s books, middle grade (MG), teen, and last but not least, New Adult (NA) age groups. If you have anything for readers from 0-18, then we would love to feature you!

Ad packages start at $25 per month and include fab perks. Choose between our Gold, Silver, Bronze, Instafreebie/Bookfunnel, Promote a  Series, or A la Carte Promo packages. Regardless of price, we never skimp on the juice. Click on a package below to learn more about rates and benefits. If you’re interested, (don’t wait) reach out.

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Instafreebie/Bookfunnel Promo

A la Carte